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At this point, everyone and their mom knows about the earthquake, tsunami and 14 aftershocks in Japan. It's truly scary what's happened. I'm getting all my info online through other's posts because I can't bare to watch it live; sissy, I know, but my heart bleeds seeing so much discruction while my imagination conjurs up blood and corpses.

Through different sources, I know that CLAMP is all right as well as several other artists. It's not confirmed, but according to my online friend Hoshiko2000, the creator of Pokemon may have left us. ;-;

Not only that, but they cannot cool down the nuclear reactors because of various reasons. One of them even exploded (I saw that footage happen live) but now it's being covered up by the media. It makes me truly fret and worry for everyone there.

But not only that, but for everyone in the world; because we're effected too spiritually and emotionaly. All I can do really is pray with everyone that more people are ofound alive and safe and thoses who are safe stay that way.

Edit: Thanks to bunny910 for informing me that the creator of Pokemon Tweeted that he's fine! Some more happy news!


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